Why does the top of my soy candle seem like it is drying out? Is it going bad?

Your candle is not going bad. The changes you might notice to the soy oil are called Frosting or Bloom and is a normal or natural change associated with pure soy. Your candle will burn and smell the same – it is not drying out.

  • You can also minimize the changes in your candle by keeping it out of direct sunlight or other stronger lights like fluorescent lighting. You might also notice changes in your candle with the changing of the seasons with the changes in temperatures

My candle is darker now than when I first bought it. Why?

  • Fragrance oils can oxidize over time as they have a shelf life – especially ones that contain Vanilla. Storing your candles in a dark place will help it from darkening but otherwise there is not much more you can do.

Does it really matter how long I burn my candle?

  • Yes it does matter – especially for the first time you burn your candle. Soy oil has a memory and the first time you light up your candle you should allow it to completely melt to the inside of glass so the next time your candle will remember what to do.
  • Burn Pool – rule for this is one hour per inch. So if your candle is 3inches across (diameter) that would mean you should burn it for 3 hours. Most of us tend to forget the candle for a longer time – don’t worry you have not ruined your candle; it is just not a great idea. When this happens, extinguish it, trim the wick and light up a new candle while the other takes a rest.

Are soy candle soot free?

Actually most every candle can produce soot – even soy candles. Soy candles have less soot than other candles but you may see some soot on the rim of the container. The trick is in the wick. Keep the wick trimmed to 14” to avoid soot.

  • Other contributing factors to a candle producing soot is air flow – keep your candle away from a draft or a high traffic area, but your candle does need air to burn so confined spaces are not a suggested area to burn a candle.
  • Keep your burn pool debris free. Remove pieces of old wick or matches as these items will produce soot.
  • Extinguishing your candle is important too. If you push the lit wick into the liquid pool of soy wax you will extinguish the flame – instantly. By blowing it out will most certainly produce soot – so try pushing the wick into the burn pool – works well for me.